Balancing Act


“Balancing Act” is the installation project between Tubô Cebu Art Fair 2023 and Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc.. These settings aim to manifest thoughts on the many realities of a hazard-prone country. In the midst of the apparent climatic threat and economic turbulence, the artists Roy Ingente and Ceona Gonzales turn to art and their environment to inspect the influencing factors of our collective vulnerability and resilience.

About the Artists

Roy Ingente

A fine arts graduate of the University of the Philippines-Cebu, Roy Ingente identifies as a community surveyor. The young artist’s continual observation of the  urban landscape has molded his artistic sensibilities and sympathies towards informal settlements, domestic dynamics, and mass culture.

Consequently, Roy’s goldmine of materials defined its range within these very movements and environments. Found objects, discarded materials, and industrial debris all act as the souvenirs of his immersions, explorations, and, therefore, perspectives.

Out of his increasing curiosity and familiarity with the conditions of the marginalized locale in Cebu, the installation artist continues to transmute these perceptions into compelling compositions, textures, and assemblages. Ingente’s body of abstract effigies go beyond personal commentary and instead act as large-scale visual manifestations of the Philippines’ contemporary challenges.

Ceona Gonzales

Primarily working in acrylic, spray paint, and wooden panels, artist Ceona Gonzales seeks to visualize the multi-dimensionality and complexity of humans. These themes, coupled with the artist’s own experiences, are the wellspring for her portfolio of assemblage and installations.

A graduate of the Studio Arts program of the University of the Philippines-Cebu, Ceona Gonzales skilfully wields graphic genres in illustrative precision. As an abstract artist, the personal and open-ended nature of her work is a direct result of a process-driven practice involving her explorations of the subconscious.

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