About Tubô Cebu Art Fair

Started in 2018, Tubô Cebu Art Fair is held annually in Cebu with the vision of promoting cultural consciousness and creativity. It is organized by the Arts Council of Cebu Foundation, Inc.—recognized by the Cultural Center of the Philippines as the oldest and still active arts council in the Philippines. The fair provides a platform for visual artists, collectors, and enthusiasts in Southern Philippines to interact, educate, and grow in the scene.

Tubô seeks to be more intentional in its role as a purveyor of creativity and strives towards more dynamic and empathic fair programs for the regional art community. Tubô nurtures this community by opening dedicated platforms for regional art trade; hosting events where buyers, dealers, and artists can connect; curating exposition for art projects, exhibitions, and commissions; and conducting art sales with inclusive price ranges for both starting and serious collectors.

Why Tubô Cebu Art Fair?

Tubô Cebu Art Fair is the first of its kind in exploring, presenting, and selling the unique works of masterful Visayan artists. It’s not like your regular art fair. Tubô is built to cater to two types of people: the artist and the audience. It is a community-driven fair that has grown thanks to the love and efforts of patrons and volunteers. Its programs, while being centered on the artists, work to infuse the artists’ ideas, values, and skills to a larger, more art-appreciative society.

The mission of Tubô is rooted in making Visayas art a part of the national culture. Not only that, Tubô is a fair that wants its audience to participate in the auctioning experience that is popularly exclusive to only a select group of people. Its price points are fair to everyone involved. With Tubô, even the simplest art lover can build a regional art collection.

While it is held in Cebu, Tubô is a collection of art from all around the region. It features various dialects, cultures, and personalities that will add not just a flair to the fair but also a deeper understanding of each diverse background found in the Visayas region.

Tubô Cebu Art Fair